My 2019 Books by Ugandan/African Authors

This year I purposed to read more Ugandan/African authors but   like many other things… I did not read as many as I wanted. Anyways here are the 5 I read and highly recommend you buy and read. Also I want to grow in gifting books more going forward.

ZURA MAIDS by Apio Eunice Atuko. I enjoyed this book through and through because I could relate with the story with names of streets in Kampala and some upcountry areas I visited before. Eunice writes so well and keeps you hooked, when you think you know the plot – she quickly twists it. I got this beautiful piece from the The African Studies Bookstore at the Uganda Museum at their monthly Kampala Book sales.

PIECES OF ME by Catherine Bagenda. My take home from this book which you can read in one sitting is the beautiful story of commitment. Society pressures, whether real or perceived, are not about to go away, you decide how you react to them. And yes the grass is really never green on the other side… and when it is, it is because someone is watering it.

JESSE’S JEWEL by Nick Twinamatsiko. Brought all the nostalgia of growing up in Mbarara. It is hard to think that this is a work of fiction but Nick insists that it is. The storyline for me in a way pointed me to Gods abundant grace even though this is not a ‘christian book’. Nick please keep writing.

COURAGE – Learning to Live with Uncertainty by Timothy Rubashembusya. This is an easy read which you will complete in an hour or less. Timothy encourages us to choose life in every decision we need to make. Sometimes things do not go as planned, instead of keeping down – like the Psalmist say, ‘encourage yourself in the Lord’.

KNIGHTS OF KAMPALA by Patricia K Rutiba. I read lots of Francine Rivers at University curtesy of Susan Nantongo Marjorie. This book brought back those memories with story line of Kampala that I could relate with. I also loved the real life experiences of the characters and how they allow God in their circumstances.

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