The Paradise that is Seychelles – Mahe Island

There are places I had wanted to visit and Seychelles was top up there. Maybe because of all the marketing and description of the place, I knew that I wanted to visit sooner than later. I quietly placed it on the list of places I would visit and waited for an opportunity to open up. I plan on visiting all the countries in Africa and thereafter visit a handful countries from every other continent.

Our journey to Seychelles started from Entebbe Airport through Addis Ababa with nothing dramatic except for the 4 hour or so lay over. There are barely any direct flights from Entebbe to many countries partly because of not having a national carrier and because of closed skies – I really wonder why African countries do not open up their skies because for growth to happen, there has to be ease of movement of good and people. I digress, I need to get back to my journey in Seychelles. The 4-hour layover in Addis was nothing because I was focused on the on end of my trip – arriving in the beautiful Island country of Seychelles with lots of excitement. The runaway with blue waters of the ocean on either side is a spectacular welcome. The airport was smaller than I imagined but again why would it need to be bigger with their population and size of country.

Seychelles is a tiny country located in the Indian ocean. An archipelago of 115 Islands and a population of approximately 94000 people. Most of the Island is not inhibited by people and is protected for conservation of various plant and animal species. Mahe Island is the gateway to Seychelles and is home to the capital Victoria. Most of the population lives here. It is home to the international airport which welcomes flights from all the world.

20180426_073338We were picked up and transferred to our hotel at Coral strand along the Beau Vallon beach. The drive to the hotel is through the capital – Victoria, I was amazed at the green vegetation covering almost every where my eyes could see. Seychelles must be the most eco friendly country and number 1 in conservation. The country is really in harmony with nature. Before coming to this country, I thought of Seychelles as an endless beach but was surprised to find mountains with forests, which makes the place so beautiful as the mountain and forests connect to the beaches. I was happy to learn that all beaches are public therefore the locals can enjoy their country.

Victoria must be the smallest capital in the world, we practically walked through it in under 3 hours. On day 1 we simply drove through it on our way to Beau vallon Beach but were glad to spend some more time another day. We did a short tour of the place learning about the different monuments. Enjoyed shopping with the locals and a visit to Eden Island which is a man-made island.

20180425_182945Coral strand hotel is a beach front property, it was beautiful to sleep to sounds of the waves and wake up to sounds of the same. I would recommend it for anyone looking to maximize their time at the beach. I loved and enjoyed times at the beau vallon beach – this is the beach where Coral strand is located. They had a bazar in the evenings where all kinds of foods and clothing’s were sold complete with music. There are lots of activities on the beach but swimming in the ocean is high up there on the list, taking ocean walks, paragliding, boat trips, diving etc. I certainly look forward to visiting again.


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