Table Mountain – Capetown’s Iconic Landmark!

I am interested in traveling to all the 54 countries of Africa and subsequently the world. I love traveling and derive a lot of pleasure meeting new people and seeing new places.  Truth be told, I soon miss the familiar from home but I take in everything in the area I visit at the time.

I looked forward to visiting Cape town because I had heard about the beauty of the area but the main catch was the Table Mountain. I started the visa application process which can be frustrating sometimes with all the documentation needed – o how I hate this process. It makes travel difficult because it means I cannot wake up and decide to travel to an area on short notice but have to endure 3 weeks on average of visa processing which affects the time for booking and purchasing tickets and hotels.

I always endeavor to include down time and explore areas whenever I travel for business. This was one of those, I was traveling for the annual WTM Africa exhibition. In addition to having meetings, on me to do list was a trip to the Table Mountain. I had seen and read about it and really looked forward to this experience. I therefore planned to have a free day in cape town before the exhibition. My main destination of interest was Table Mountain but what better way to enjoy it than use the sightseeing bus. This way I figured I could enjoy the city sightings and end up with a trip to the Table Mountain.

Table mountainI cannot begin to describe the experience fully. What I know is that my expectations where met and beyond. The views from above were so beautiful, I mean it seemed liked an edited picture presented with perfection. The ride up in the cable cars gives one 360 degrees views of the area. Once on top, you have opportunities to explore the area, you can easily spend 3 hours up there without noticing the change in time. The views of the ocean with blue water and the blue sky is the perfect relaxing place that I look forward to visiting again.

3 thoughts on “Table Mountain – Capetown’s Iconic Landmark!

  1. Beaton says:

    I got vertigo just loking at the cover image, like one wrong step back, and boom spiralling over the edge, down you would go, as gravity pulls your body down to the place where time moves the slowest….
    a long scream, a thud and then silence
    I just gave myself goose bumps….


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