Lake Chahafi Resort – The beauty between the Lake and Volcano

The first time I had about Lake Chahafi resort was 2 years ago when Nelson the proprietor invited us to visit and give feedback on this gem he was putting together. Because I love most things travel, I agreed to the opportunity and off we went to Kisoro one of the most beautiful places in Uganda – truth is, it is hard to decide which place is most beautiful in Uganda because every corner and region has great scenery, landscapes and attractions. The lodge was beautiful and my highlight was its location by the lake with views of Mt Muhabura which is among the Virunga volcanoes.

IMG_5042However, a lot needed to be done to improve on the rooms and the lounge area, we shared this information with him. He was glad and promised to work on making the lodge better. In the meantime, I recommended it to friends and some stayed over and loved it. After 2 years, he invited us again to the lodge to see the changes and improvements on the lodge and boy was I surprised and excited at how he has beautified it.

The rooms were renovated with clean beautiful bathrooms having hot water – this is essential in Kisoro which gets to below 15 C on some nights. The beds had comfortable mattresses and clean white linen, the rooms had a ward rope and chairs to sit while in the room. There were seats at the balcony too which was beautiful providing a great place to sit, relax and enjoy the views of both the lake and mountains with birds singing. The compound as always is green not knowing the dry and wet seasons that characterize most of Uganda’s weather patterns.

Another highlight  is the boat on Lake Chahafi, previously we used the dung out canoe which was scary for some. I remember one of the people who attended previously did not enjoy the ride because she was so scared of how small the dugout canoe was. This time, they got a bigger canoe that is more stable on the water. We took the boat trip and came out the other side of the lake near the Rwandan border. We then walked to the location of the bunkers used by the Anglo-Belgian soldiers in defense against the Germans during World war 1. The 1-hour nature walk from the boat back to the lodge is highly recommended for anyone visiting Lake Chahafi.

It is a good gateway from the city. It is also a good base for those visiting Mgahinga gorilla national park, it is approximately 30 kms to the park and takes about 1-hour drive. Mgahinga gorilla national park is my favourite park in Uganda because of its beauty and the numerous activities in that one can do in the park. For starters it has 3 mountains in the park i.e. Mt Muhabura, Mt Gahinga and Mt Sabyinyo which you have opportunity of hiking each being a day trip. It is home to mountain gorillas so you can book date with these endangered species, another of my favourite primates are the golden monkeys.

2 thoughts on “Lake Chahafi Resort – The beauty between the Lake and Volcano

  1. Twizere moses says:

    Thanks Miriam for the review. Its well balanced and a point to make things better. Kudos Nelson for the journey sofar. God bless u


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