Money Won’t Make you Rich

I took a longer time than I planned reading this book. I forgot to carry it while on a trip which would have been a perfect time to catch up on lost reading time. It is refreshing to read a book about money written by a pastor that is not manipulating you to give to the ‘ministry’ but rather sharing the principles of wealth creation based on scripture and reminding you that while you are at it, remember that wealth is created for Kingdom purposes and it is not an end in itself.

In my everyday circles it was unlikely that I would ever know about Ps Sunday Adelaja. There has been so much talk about money in the church with most of it being unbalanced and tending to either extremes. For example, some of it is usually about how money is evil and a believer should avoid acquiring so much of it – which is also used to mean that rich people are certainly evil. The other extreme is about miraculously acquiring money to live a comfortable life after ‘sowing a seed’ to a certain ministry. This does not often encourage believers to work hard and smart looking to Gods blessing but rather expected to give to a specific ministry for blessing. Pr Sunday Adelaja in his book mentions that “Wealth is not a miracle; it must either be earned or created”.

Pr. Sunday shares principles from scripture about working hard, working smart but above all working in relation to Gods call upon one’s life.  This should be the driving force in all we do, that as believers we know that we are making money for the Kingdom purposes. Money allows us to make certain decisions and choices that in many ways bring heavenly experiences for people on earth. Every human being is smarter than they think, we need to invest time in learning and becoming experts in our different areas of work to have maximum impact and output.

It is Gods will that all people would have all their needs met, God does not glory in people being hungry, homeless or illiterate but rather he allows us to partner with him to bring different services to people so they can live the abundant life he has for them. It is not magic but rather hard work, strategically applying Gods principles that brings wealth to believers and they in turn pass it on to those who need it. Remember God has already given us His blessing and we work from a winning place and not failure, His favor is already upon us.

And then he ends with the 3 basic laws of money which got me thinking. Multiplication – whatever amount of money one has, they need to work towards multiplying it so that it increases. Retaining money – spend less and work on retaining the money through saving. And finally investment – what you save should be invested otherwise the growth will not happen.

I was reminded of why I work to make money; it is more than just to pay bills. It is so that I can share with others who are not in position to work like I do and while I am at it to create work for others by starting business that provide employment and contribute to community.

If you want a bold challenge on making money as a believer that is beyond you and immediate family, then I recommend this book.

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