The ‘hunt’ for accommodation in Kitgum

After our night in Kitgum and morning game drive in the Narus valley of Kidepo valley national park, we had lunch and then started the afternoon drive to Kitgum which is approximately 3 hours drive from Kidepo valley NP. The drive out was mainly enjoying the scenery with very minimal birding, the birds were probably hiding from the sun waiting to resume feeding in the evening.

Once you leave the Karamoja area and join the Acholi area, the landscape starts changing with less rocky outcrops and mountains and more flat areas. Also in the Acholi area, there is increased population so you will have more homesteads that are not in the Manyatta style and more land used for agriculture than in Karamoja. I tried to find out reasons, and was told that it has to do with the former nomadic lifestyle of the Karamajongs which was due to the weather. Karamoja has short rainy seasons so most of the crops they plant have to be drought resistant.

We eventually arrived in Kitgum about 1800hrs and we looked around for a guesthouse for overnight but this proved to be more difficult that we imagined. Kitgum should be a stopover for people driving from Kampala to Kidepo in case they want to break the journey enroute but it is difficult to find very descent accommodations. We later settled on 2 guesthouses and we split our group because we could not find enough room in one, thankfully they were close to each other, we had dinner in one location and each retired to their room.

We did not engage in any activities in Kitgum, it was more an overnight stop to cut the long journey to Kampala the next day. We arose early morning and set off about 0600hrs with plan to have breakfast in Gulu but the struggled to find a breakfast place in Gulu. After searching allover the place in vain, we realized that it was Saturday maybe that was the reason the town was still sleepy at 0700hrs. We eventually located a small restaurant where I had Katogo (mix of Matooke, offals, tomatoes, onions and potatoes) and washed it down with ‘milk tea’ – the Ugandan way. After this we started journey to Kampala with short stopover for lunch at Kabalega diners finally arriving home later in the evening. This was the end of our Eastern Uganda tour which started in Mbale and we came through the North.

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