Bokoro-Matheniko Game Reserve – The Birders Haven

I did not know what to expect concerning Bokora-Matheniko game reserve in Karamoja region. After an early morning breakfast we visited the Uganda wildlife authority offices in Moroto to pick a ranger guide to go with to the reserve. The staff at the offices seemed shocked to receive us but eventually worked on deploying one of the rangers to go with us after signing the visitors book and paying entrance fees.

IMG_9887The drive there was mostly filled with birding stops as the birding enthusiastic continued sighting new species. This time I was more receptive and joined in especially where it did not require that we walk out of the car and follow the bird inside the reserve.  The reserve does not have game trucks to drive on so all the birding and animal sightings is done along the highway which makes it difficult because boda bodas and cars are often passing by keeping them away.

We sighted some antelopes and before we could identify them they dashed away. I guess they are not used to humans because this reserve receives few or no visitors at all. My hope is that Uganda wildlife authority will make game trucks in the reserve so that people are able to drive in and enjoy sighting the wildlife that is hidden in the heart of the reserve and the scenery is beautiful.

We left here in the afternoon and returned to Moroto. We had hoped to visit a manyatta but everyone was too tired to indulge. We ended up finding a meal and retiring with some choosing to work on their computers and others reading.

The next day we started the journey to Kidepo valley national park driving through Bokora – Matheniko game reserve, Kotido district and finally Kaabong. What beautiful sights of landscape and vegetation with rocky out crops and mountains in the horizon. This my Uganda is beautiful and I recommend you to visit often.

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