God specializes in the Unexpected – Deborah

A few weeks ago a few friends of mine started meeting bi-monthly to read and learn from different authors, the scriptures and from one another. Our leader suggested we start by reading and discussing John C. Maxwell’s ‘Learning from the Giants’. It has been a worthwhile experience so far with so much learning and insights. I enjoyed the chapter on Job but I must say the one on Deborah that we shared from last week was certainly what I needed – very timely. Indeed God speaks.

I had read about Deborah before but Maxwell really highlights areas that I had missed, he brings them out reminding me that indeed God is about redeeming his people and He asks us to join him for our good. Find below some of the highlights from this chapter;

Deborah  – a prophet, Judge and eventually an army commander, who knew a woman in the old testament time would have all these titles and lead?

I always assumed that in the old testament women did not have big platforms to influence apart from family level. I know it is at family where the greatest impact happens but somehow not much is reported outside of family. Reading this portion on Deborah reminded me that God is at work and He is not deterred by cultural conceptions and gender roles. He uses whoever He chooses to accomplish His purposes. This was very re-affirming to me considering the call on my life and the conversations I have been having with God on this call.

God was ready to deliver the Israelites’ but having been in captivity for so long, how would they respond. Sometimes when you have been in a bad place, you learn coping methods with no hope of situations ever changing. Being able to stay hopeful and not miss out on what God is doing in a seemingly ‘hopeless situation’ is hard but it is something one needs because God is at work and you do not want to miss His voice when He calls. Deborah listened to God and courageously presented this message to Israelites’ who would have easily dismissed her.

We should never ask or expect God to dump down His extraordinary plans to fit into our tiny minds. He is God and what He does is far beyond what we can ever think or imagine. No cultural, political, religious or society beliefs can contain what God  wants to do. I have to be willing to take Gods message to where he sends me knowing that there are people who need it and are depending on it.

Gods will not be thwarted. If a leader refuses – he raises another because serving God is a privilege and not an obligation. When Barak insisted that Deborah goes with him to battle, Deborah did even though it was not her responsibility. She was confident God would give them victory. Deborah took the credit and Barak missed it maybe because of fear and not trusting Gods word. When Godly leaders obey Gods call the people the you lead are blessed.

God is aware of my ‘inadequacies’ or things I have labeled myself coming out society, cultural and religious circles about what I can and should do or not do. God who gives me the passion and enables me to engage with Him in the harvest field has no regard for these especially where souls of men are involved. I am now energized to engage more at different leadership levels and influence men and women to live the ‘abundant life’ Christ purchased for them on the cross.

What have you been reading lately? How is it impacting you?

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