Abseiling down the beautiful Sipi Falls – Eastern Uganda Adventure Tour

So with a short time of sleep and all the tiredness of day 1 we awoke early and left at 6.30am to have breakfast and start the journey to the home of Sipi falls in Kapchorwa district. The guesthouse we stayed at had informed us of how they do not serve breakfast, so we needed to find a place which opens early in the sleepy Mbale town. We tried Casa De Turista but it was still locked up, our next place was Endiro Coffee which had just opened with staff still trying to clean up the place.  We made our breakfast orders and it seemed to take forever to come but we were geared up and so we spent the waiting time bird watching in the parking lot as different birds parched on the trees and on the walls.

20180210_094304Eventually our breakfast was ready and we quickly enjoyed it with the hunger of the previous night. We quickly enjoyed the breakfast and prepared to set off to Sipi falls but first we would visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in Mbale town which serve both Mt Elgon national park  and Pian Upe wildlife reserve. We arrived at the offices, learned that Mt Elgon has two points from where hiking starts i.e. Budadiri and Kapkwai. We planned to visit both points but first would be Sipi falls – a group of beautiful waterfalls in different locations.

We  called our tour guide for Sipi who promised to meet us at Crow’s nest. He insisted that we should not stop anywhere but rather drive all the way to the sign post of Crow’s nest. We later learned this is because the road has several ‘tour guide’ offices and people scattered ready to get whoever attempts to stop claiming to be the best guide. Since I was the one in touch with him, I later informed him that I wanted to do Abseiling and he directed us to instead meet at Robs Rock Abseiling. We drove to this location and met him and Robert the proprietor of Robs Rock.

Sipi FallsI was fired up to do abseiling down the Sipi falls but mehn after wearing the gear and peeping down my heart started beating. I thought what on earth have I signed up for? But the adventure spirit in me really wanted this experience so I strengthened myself and saying a prayer I started the descent. I thought that after all what is life if it is not experienced while stretching my limits. It was such an amazing experience, I saw beauty like I had never seen, with water splashing over me from the falls I spent time thanking God for the beautiful creation and privilege of experiencing this. After the abseiling we hiked up to the starting point, this took us about 1.5 hours on a steep hike up – be prepared of this hike which they talk about casually but was a stretch for me stopping at different points for rest the favourite being the caves. They took our photos from up but I recommend that you send someone down with your camera so that they can capture you from down, also consider carrying your swimming costume to swim in the pool below.

We later joined the rest who had stayed birding to visit the other Sipi falls. We later drove to Kapkwai exploration centre – the base camp before hiking Mt Elgon where we would spend the night.

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