NO MAKEUP ON – The Rebirth of Identity

The first time I saw the book cover and read several peoples review of Hope Babigumira’s “No makeup on – The Rebirth of Identity”, I knew that this was a book I wanted to read. I must say I judged the book by the cover… the beautiful cover and title pulled me in to buy the book and read. I am also big on identity, I believe that a lot of issues we struggle with could wholesomely be sorted once our identity is sorted.

Hope shares her life with a hope that ladies out there or anyone struggling with identify will not have to listen to the lies of the enemy concerning who they are and therefore will not agree to them and go through a lot to be accepted or fit into different groups.  It is these lies of the enemy that lead one to make decisions that are harmful to themselves and others. Hope shares what was like for her and how the truth freed her to live her life in abundance and how she continues to stay in the truth.

Get this book, read it and choose daily the truth of who you are – You are loved by the best!

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