I love spending time in prayer connecting with God but for the longest time I struggled with how prayer was ‘taught’ to me right from childhood with it taking on different shapes. For example, prayer was asking God to give to me, you had to have eyes closed, kneeling down except when practically impossible, talking for a such a long time etc. And then there were the overnight prayers at University where the struggle for sleep and staying awake was real. After analyzing and realizing over night prayers were certainly not for me, I dropped them but not without guilt for a while. When I heard of this book, I was excited to pick it up after listening to Andrew Wommack when he visited Kampala.

In this Andrew approaches prayer from two angles, the first being how not to pray and the other how to actually get the most from ones prayer time. He shares many misconceptions about prayer especially through misunderstanding of certain scriptures. He shows that God has already done his part, He moved already and the onus is on us to move and receive. This is the attitude in which we approach prayer.  Below are some of my ‘take-homes’;

  1. “Prayer is not to inform God how bad your situation is. He already knows what you need – even before you ask!
  2. Begging from God, using Luke 11:2-4. God is not waiting for us to beg Him, he is not like the friend referred here. “If the Lord hasn’t already supplied your need by grace, your faith can’t make Him do it.
  3. Sin is not in the way for you to receive from God because God sorted that once for all. Do not think that maybe I have not received because I sinned.

For us to have a better way to pray, we need to get back to the Word, believe it, live it and declare it concerning all of life. Andrew mentions that “when God is truly the center of your life, everything else works out. The Lord makes it work supernaturally.” Prayer is about praising God for who He is, declaring the truth of His Word. More ‘take-homes’,

  1. Almighty God wants to hang out with you because He loves you. Prayer is primarily for loving and worshipping God.
  2. Speak to your mountain and not pray about it, Mark 11:12 -14. Faith is a powerful force, but you must believe in order to reap its benefits. Although your words are very important, your actions must also be consistent with your faith. When you pray, praise God that your problem has been taken care of. Then, exercise your authority and speak directly to the problem. If you don’t, you won’t see your desired results.
  3. We are Spirit being, your answer is given in the Spirit the moment you ask but it has to manifest in the physical for you to experience it – speak it and declare until you see it manifest in the physical. If you are still in fear, don’t pray over whatever it is yet…draw near to God and deal with the fear. Praise Him for His awesome love until it casts out all fear ( 1 John 4:18.) Don’t speak words in hope alone either. Wishing and trying aren’t faith.
  4. You need to get this attitude that God is faithful and He’s already met your need before you ever had it. Boldness, confidence, and faith will raise in your heart as you realize that God’s supply is always greater than your need!
  5. Consider the Spirit realm. The devil will try to stop your answers like in Daniel 9 & 10 but you must keep on believing and declaring. The manifestation of your answer is affected when you become discouraged, depressed, or give up.
  6. Other people are often involved in the manifestation of your answer. God sends provision through people. E.g. you need money, God tells someone to give you money and they withhold it, keep thanking God until this person responds to God.

God is constant. God is always faithful. His promises are yes and amen. Ask and you will receive.

This verse consistently came to mind as I read this book and I leave it with you here Heb 4:16 “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” NKJV

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