Enjoy the Spiritual Blessings in Ephesians 1:3-13

The word ‘blessing(s)’ has been in the media for a while, both from believers and non believers. Everyone wants to be blessed, with some people purporting to be custodian of blessings which they release to those in need depending on how they respond to their demands e.g. you might have to sacrifice animals for the case of witch doctors or ‘sow a seed’ for the pastors. Mostly the blessings ‘given’ by such are dependent on what one does or does not do. It is exciting that you and I have access to blessings from God our father that are everlasting we access through faith in Him. It is the object of your faith that matters because after all when you visit and do as the pastor, prophet or witch asks you to do, it is because you have faith in them and trust that once you do what they ask, you will receive the blessings, why not direct that faith to God who is loves you regardless and in spite of whatever.

With this back ground, I was excited when I saw blessings listed in these verses as I started reading Ephesians this week. I have read this book before but the beauty of the Word of God is that it is fresh every time and you pick truths that you missed the previous time. Paul mentions in v3 ‘Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ’ NKJV. My attention was drawn to ‘Spiritual blessings’ I read on in search of what they were. I wanted to know these blessings and see whether I have been enjoying them or not. If I do not know the Word of God, I will not access what is rightfully mine and will not enjoy the fullness of life. I know that there are many other spiritual blessings listed throughout the scriptures but these are what I saw in this portion of scripture.

  1. V4 – God CHOSE us in Jesus to be holy without blame before him. It is important that we understand that God chose us, it is His will. He is happy to associate with us and is pleased with us. When in doubt, remember God chose you in Jesus and it is Jesus who makes you holy and not of your own effort. Today choose to enjoy this spiritual gift and stop striving.
  2. V5 & 6: God adopted us – we are sons…we are accepted in the beloved. This verse seems obvious when you first read it until you realize you are not living it. Hello out there…you are a son of God – with full access to God and everything in His household. A child is taken care of by their parents, a child is not worried about bills ( at least this is how it is usually except in a few instances and still we find those abnormal). Can you start living the fullness of life with this truth, let ii permeate every area of your being as you approach life. You are a son of God. You are beloved…regardless of what you do or do not do, Gods favor is upon you. Please do not wait for someone to say it for you to believe it, it is in the scriptures.
  3. Verse 7: He redeemed us. Our (Your) sins were forgiven once for all, the ones you committed yesterday or the ones you will commit tomorrow. God’s grace is enough to handle all our sins, do not live in condemnation, guilt or shame, you are forgiven before you commit the sin. Your sins were wiped out once for all…those you commit knowing and those not knowing, or by omission, they are wiped out. Live in the freedom that Christ purchased for you.
  4. Verse 8 -10: He has given us wisdom and insight… O how I need wisdom and insight as I live here on earth concerning the Spirit, Soul and body. He has made this available. I need to call this forth when unsure. You have the mind of Christ, ask and access this wisdom concerning all of life.
  5. Verse 11 – 12: People…We have an inheritance, wululululu. I do not have to add much here…those who have received an inheritance know how it feels to know that someone worked hard to leave you with something.
  6. Verse 13: We have a guarantee – the Holy Spirit. What more would you ask. The God who never lies, creator of heaven and earth has chosen you, loved on you, given you an inheritance but knows that you will have moments of doubt…then he gives you a guarantee to seal it off. Know that the Holy Spirit is here for you to walk with and enjoy his presence. I have enjoyed having conversations with the Holy spirit concerning all of life, he has given me direction often telling me what to do in a situation in real time and reminding of God’s promises.

Aren’t those blessings exciting? They are for me, I invite you to read and re-read this portion of Scripture and start walking in these blessings. Each of these triggers many other blessings and leads you to live an abundant life in Christ Jesus. Apply them to your life, you will be awakened to approach life with boldness and courage taking on your dreams, you will not live in fear or condemnation, you will seek for your healing, etc. Let me know how it goes as you apply the Word in your life.

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