My Top 10 places to visit in Africa – 2018

It is a new year and I am thankful for a great 2017 where I experienced God walking with me and stretching me to grow in good ways. Some days I thought I had hit dead end and could not go on anymore but every time this happened, He reminded that I have not reached it and have so much unexplored potential. I am typing this from cold Netherlands where I am attending Vakantiebeurs 2018 – a travel expo on behalf of Kagera Safaris and these conversations are on going with God.

Because I challenged myself to start writing weekly on this blog – I decided that I could not wait until I get back home before I could start writing again. There is no particular order in which to visit these areas, I will simply list them below. Here they come;

1. Jinja – Bungee Jumping – Uganda

I have always wanted to do Bungee jumping but like many activities I am interested in doing, it has not happened for a while. Water rafting was a high adrenaline experience on River Nile and it is only right that I follow it up with a “Kiss of the Nile” by doing a bungee jump.


2. Pian Upe Game reserve – Uganda

Pian Upe game reserve has been on my travel scope for 2 years now, but somehow the years end without me visiting it. This year I look forward to visiting this land of the ostrich and Cheetah with amazing cultural experiences from the surrounding tribes.

3. Mt Elgon national park- Uganda

First I must say that I currently do not have the courage to hike up the Wagagai  peak of Mt Elgon but I will do a one day hike to get the feel of the mountain. I have previously been to sections of the mountain which are outside the national park and I look forward to exploring the scenery and bird life of Mt Elgon.

4. Nyero rocks – Uganda

Nyero rock paintings make it to my 2018 travel list because just like Pian Upe they have eluded me for a while. They have a deep history to them and I look to learn about it. They are believed to have been of the stone age era having been left out by the Batwa who were hunter gatherers and are currently confined in the areas near the forest of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo

5. Mt Rwenzori 

Just like Mt Elgon, I will not be trying to hike up the peak of Mt Rwenzori in western Uganda. I know it takes a about 7 days in total to go up and down the mountain and lots of stamina which I currently do not have. However, who knows maybe one day I will gather up courage to explore this place. However I will do a one day hike to get the feel of this park and also visit with some of the communities bordering the park.

6. Virunga National Park – DR Congo 

I have not been to Democratic Republic of Congo except when I hiked up Mt  Bisoke which is shared between Rwanda and DR Congo. I am excited at the prospect of Congo and the opportunity to see it after hearing so much about it.

I am interested in trekking the mountain gorillas in Virunga national park and  compare the experience with Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park. I would also like to hike up the active Nyiragongo volcano.

 7. Kahuzi Biega national park – DR Congo

This park is close to southern Rwanda and is home to the Eastern Low land gorillas. They are much bigger that the mountain gorillas which I have seen several times in Bwindi impenetrable national park. I look forward to visiting and seeing these giants and the compare them to the mountain gorillas.

8. Zanzibar – Tanzania

After visiting Diani in Mombasa, its an absolute yes to warm beach destinations. I have heard so  much good about Zanzibar with its beautiful clear ocean coupled with great history and spice gardens to explore.

9. Capetown – South Africa

This is purely from reading about  this town online and several magazines that I picked interest in visiting it. However in the long run, I also want to visit every country and major city in Africa so I am beginning to tick off.

10. Swakopmund – Namibia

My interest in Namibia stems from the Namib desert and the tribal communities therein especially the Herero. I am interested in visiting the ocean shores and see the different shades of life.

This is my 2018 list of places I want to visit. I have visited some of these places before but did not do the particular activities so I look to do these activities. I will also visit many other places but my interest this year is these 10 areas which I know God will enable me visit.


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