Kagulu rock climbing challenge

On 11th May 2013 Busoga Tourism initiative and Uganda Tourism Board opened up Kagulu rock officially as a tourist and cultural site in Uganda. Kagulu Rock is located in Buyende district which is 30 Km off Kamuli town approximately a 3 hours’ drive from Kampala the capital of Uganda. The hill rises at approximately 3,500 feet above sea level with great 360 degrees’ views around it.

We left Kampala early at 6.30 am and left via Mukono to get the ferry instead of driving via Jinja which would be a longer route. Our group was made up of mainly tour guides from the Uganda Safari Guides Association. On arrival we got our names registered and got our badges, however the president was invited for the ceremony which made it more complicated with his guards refusing us to carry our cameras. This way we were unable to capture the beautiful views at the top of the hill after the grueling climb which some found easy as always.

One side of the hill has several steps all the way to the top for someone not keen on going the rough way but do not be fooled taking the many steps is equally strenuous. At the top is a spectacular 360 view with an expanse of green vegetation and views of Lake Kyoga found in northern Uganda.

According to the Busoga Tourism Initiative, Kagulu Hill is a mystical wonder, which marks the first settlement area for Basoga people who migrated from Bunyoro led by the then Prince Mukama. This is believed to have been his settlement and later his Kingdom seat due to its high altitude that allowed him have great views of the surroundings. Although the cultural value of Kagulu extends to cover a wide area, the remaining and visible landmark is the Kagulu hill.

If you are keen on an adventure, you can add an experience of Kagulu rock climbing on your Uganda safari, I recommend this experience for anyone interested in adventure, scenery and photographic moments with the main activity being rock climbing.

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