The Botched Night life of Harare

When I travel I like to visit the famous places before I can check out the ones “off the beaten track”. For me the bucket list will always have some of the world famous destinations in addition to the hidden least talked about attractions. With Zimbabwe it was very obvious that the Victoria falls would be part of the places I wanted to visit. With dates confirmed we were ready to leave for Zimbabwe from Uganda as part of the Sanganai/Hlanganani travel expo that happens every year.

For any trips in Africa we have to travel between different countries before arriving at our destination, we do not have direct flights out of Entebbe to most destinations. Thankfully because of COMESA we do not need visas to Zimbabwe which was such a breath of fresh air. We arrived in Harare in the afternoon excited to visit a city and country which has been the centre of controversy for years in the media, it was exciting to see life happening in more ways than the media wants to admit even amidst the difficult economic times.

After check in at the Rainbow Towers in Harare we prepared for dinner thereafter were ready to explore the night life. Unfortunately the night life was such a disappointment because we could not locate any good hang out spot. Efforts to ask the hotel people for recommendations were futile, in fact we took a taxi and the guy literally knew nothing of Harare – I mean which taxi driver does not know the happening places in town? Anyhow we eventually gave up and came back to the hotel. On return to the hotel we found one of our hosts dressed ready to rock the night – we quickly joined her and set off once again to explore the night. One wonders why I insisted even after the earlier attempt but for me where possible I want to explore both the night life and day life of a city.

Harare though it was a short stay, I loved the town, it is greatly organized compared to most African cities I visited. The roads are quite wide, I cannot imagine how it was before the economic downturn. Amidst all the issues,  the Zimbabweans are such a resilient people pushing on amidst very tough economic times.

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