Safari in Hwange National park and Matobo national park

We were on a marathon of sorts on this safari but it all turned out well eventually. Our destination on this day was Hwange national park which is about 4 hours drive from Victoria falls. The drive is boring because there are no exciting features to see along the way save for  dry grasslands and few villages along the way.

We arrived in the evening and left immediately for an evening game drive in the Hwange conservancy near the Hwange safari lodge where we were staying. The best part of this evening game drive was the numerous bird life that I enjoyed. Unfortunately the animals were not so much in vicinity except for occasional sightings of Baboons,  Elephants, Zebras and a few Kudu’s on the way back to the hotel. The Sunset was a good consolation as we had our sun downer in the sight of Zebras.

The next day we had a 6 o’clock game drive in the Hwange national park which did not yield much except again for great birding and few sightings of Giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeests, Impalas and Warthogs. A number of people were disappointed but personally I know that seeing wildlife in their habitant is luck. We had a stopover at the water hole in the hope of sighting more animals but alas they were well gone – another group informed us that they found a huge herd of elephants which left before we arrived.

In the afternoon we left for Matobo national park which is past Buwalayo – the city of Kings. The drive was long and uneventful just like the one from Victoria falls but longer. We arrived in the park towards the dark. The park has breathtaking rocks giving it that ancient African look that film makers would love. It is also home to Rhinos which are available for trekking on foot. I was too tired to engage in this activity but I saw pictures from those who dared take on the challenge.

Our last stopover was Antelope park on our way to Harare. It is also managed by ALERT an NGO which did the Lion encounters in Victoria falls. We only stopped here for lunch and proceeded to Harare. I left with a big chuck of Zimbabwe undiscovered and for this I will return and I do recommend nature lovers to travel and explore this beautiful country.


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