Enashipai Resort and Spa – The base to Crescent Island Game park and Hell’s Gate national park

There are number of attractions in and around the Lake Naivasha area and one needs a good lodge/hotel to act as a base for them to explore these activities. Enashipai Resort and Spa is  in a great location and provides great base from which to explore Crescent Island Sanctuary and Hell’s Gate national park. The concept is that of beautiful homes in an estate that is surrounded by nature which gives it the wild experience. I must say it is one of the best family friendly resorts that gives one wild experiences. The ‘houses’ for lack of a better word to describe them provide both privacy individuals and closeness in case of a family.

On arrival, our first visit was to the Crescent Island game sanctuary which for all intents and meanings is surprisingly not an Island, it is a peninsular but this would not rhyme well in its name. Anyways this is privately owned with license to have wildlife on it which then became a  game sanctuary according to our guide. The place is good for walking safaris offering an opportunity to see the animals and enjoy photos with them in the background. With no big cats in the area like Lions and leopards, this has allowed the game to thrive  in big numbers therefore you will find lots of Zebras, Giraffes, wildebeests, Warthogs etc. It is good for a half day visit and then one can take a boat ride on Lake Naivasha in the afternoon.

Hell’s gate national park is another area of interest within Enashipai that we visited for a day trip. First the plan was for people to ride bicycles in the park because it is also generally safe with no big cats to trouble the riders. However on arrival at the park gate, people chickened out and we all stayed in the car and decided to enjoy the park from the comfort of the jeep because of the heat which made it uncomfortable. The highlights for Hell’s gate is the beautiful scenery of the many rocks making it a good place for those interested in rock climbing. Again the game is the more common ones of Buffaloes, Zebras and wildebeests so for me the highlight was the scenery. There is also great hiking opportunities in the hells gate gorge but I did not participate in the hike because I was struggling with fever even though I soldiered on and refused to stay in my room.  We ended the tour with a visit to the geo thermal plants but unfortunately we did not have enough time to enjoy a swim in the warm waters.

Overall the this was a good trip that I recommend for people that love walking safaris as opposed to using the cars. You get opportunities of getting out of the cars and cycling at some points compared to many other safari destinations. I really loved Enashipai resort and spa, it is place where you will be spoiled over and over. There is a Maasai museum, in house bar and dance club, swimming pool, magical spa etc.


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