Tanzania – Exploring Moshi and Arusha

From the time I got interested in travel and exploring the world, I realized that nature travel captures my heart compared to the man made experiences. There is something about seeing nature in all its beauty, from animals, to landscapes, lakes and rivers and certainly the people who co-exit with all this. When I got involved in Uganda’s tourism after starting Kagera Safaris, I traveled quite a bit in Uganda but yearned to learn about the neighboring countries because in the long run I knew that I wanted to add tours to the entire East and southern Africa destinations. Before I sell tours to any location I visit such locations to look out for different issues pertaining to running a tour  This way I am able to recommend it to my clients so that i can advise them accordingly.

My first visit to Tanzania was to Arusha – the host to the East Africa Community offices and Parliament. I liked the town because of its calmness, orderly streets and a lot of green from the numerous trees. It reminded me of the beautiful Fort portal town in western Uganda. This was part of a group tour and we did not stay long but I promised myself to visit it another time. This next time I stayed longer and enjoyed walking through the streets more, taking in the experience and views of Mt Meru on some clear days. I liked the monuments which make the city even more exciting for visitors. It is one of those towns that is good if you do not like the extremely busy cities yet giving you most of the amenities you need. It is also the gateway to the northern Tanzania tourism circuit to different national parks and reserves like the Serengeti national park, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park, Mt Meru national park, Arusha national park Ngorongoro Crater etc.

Moshi on the other hand is much smaller than Arusha but can be a little more busy than Arusha maybe because of being smaller but also because of being the base town to the Kilimanjaro national park which means people stop here for a night before embarking on the the climb. Just like Arusha the town is easy to walk through and explore different areas with good monuments and great views of the peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro on a good day. I even had the opportunity to visit Mt Kilimanjaro national park where I birthed the idea of one day hiking to the summit…maybe, just maybe.

I still hope to visit again and stay longer to explore more of these beautiful places of Tanzania. The thing is that most of my travels are tied to work so I can only manage to have extra few days when I am out on a mission of visiting new places as a way of scouting or marketing endevours for Kagera Safaris ltd.  All in all I do recommend visiting Tanzania.

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