Djibouti – The unlikely Tourism Destination

If you asked me a year ago if I would consider to go to Djibouti I would probably have said NO. It is the kind of place not on my bucket list except for the fact that in the long run I want to visit every African country and city for that matter but certainly in my priorities Djibouti was somewhere towards the end. However as God has his ways of doing things which sometimes are so different from my mine, he opened a door for me to visit Djibouti which led me to cut short my 25 days of exploring Uganda and instead explore Djibouti.

The journey from Uganda to Djibouti is not that long except that we do not have a direct flight therefore we stopped by Addis Ababa for connection flight after Entebbe since we were flying with Ethiopian Airlines. I hated the timing for the flight at such ungodly hours of the morning but in my travels I have learned to focus on the destination and as much as possible ignore the in between annoyances of airports and flights. What made this trip more manageable is that overall the total travel time is short.

I did not know what to expect while in Djibouti. I had searched some information on google before my travel but I kept it on the minimum so that I am able to enjoy the area with some surprises otherwise I will might end up with too high/low expectations derived from the google search. According to google I needed to prepare for about 35 degrees Celsius but was surprise that the whole time it was mainly over 40 degrees. This was a shocker for me but nevertheless I enjoyed the stay even with the humidity being on another level, I was rather impressed by how quickly the body adjusted to the heat in the coming days.

We had a taste of the culture which was something of interest to me. However I noticed that there is hardly any local food served in the restaurant with mainly French cuisines and continental meals, they had a strong influence of Ethiopian food. The night life was by far the most surprising especially considering that Djibouti is a Muslim country. We loved it and retired early mornings on most nights. The city is easy to walk through both during the day and in the night with wide streets and pedestrian walkways. For those interested you can plunge into the Indian ocean during the hot sunny days with several beautiful beaches, snorkeling, visit the tropical aquarium, lake Assal or Day forest national park.  I promised to be back in Djibouti and explore it even more.

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