Day 17 of 25 Days Exploring the Pearl of Africa – Uganda

Today we transferred to Masindi from Kibale national park. Primate lodge tucked in the middle of the forest was a great place to have a base as people explored kibale forest and the surrounding areas like the Bigodi wetland which is a community project and Top of the world, a hill that allows you to view Kibale forest, 3 crater lakes and tea farms.

I left Fort portal this morning and met up with the group somewhere and we set off for Masindi. Most of the road is under construction so the travel time was generally longer than usual, however this is good for us because in a few years it will be smooth all the way reducing the travel time along the way. We had a few stopovers of birding and generally scenery photographing before proceeding on our way. There are some good birding spots for birding but we did not stop for long because of the long journey ahead and the construction of the road.

After a few hours on the road, we stopped for a picnic lunch after Kagadi en-route to Masindi. When we have long drives we usually pack lunch from the lodge especially when the restaurants en-route are not good or where they are non existent. The lunch was good, we enjoyed it before starting on the last part of our journey to Masindi. It was also a good way to have the much needed break and stretching before continuing.

We arrived in Masindi in the early afternoon about 3 pm, checked in and rested looking forward to tomorrows birding at the Royal Mile in Budongo forest. Masindi Hotel is an old hotel which was built in 1923 and has hosted some of the most famous travelers like Hemingway. It is the best place to stay in Masindi and we planned to travel to Budongo forest early morning.

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