Day 14 of 25 Days Exploring the Pearl of Africa – Kibale National Park

Spent the day enjoying the beautiful Primate Lodge as the clients went out on the Chimpanzee habituation Experience which is normally a whole days experience. This gave me the much needed time to catch up with some work and also rest in the lounge in this beautiful forest.

The day went by lazily and I was glad, the weather was generally kind with the sun sifting through the forest and resting on my face. I was sitting in the lounge area where I spent quite some time catching up with tour guides I had spent a while without meeting as they passed by and dropped off their clients for their stay at the same lodge.

I really enjoyed staying in this place, the lodge staff were helpful making my stay in the lounge area enjoyable. The Clients soon returned in the evening after an entire day in the forest with the chimpanzee habituation experience. I listened to their experiences trailing the chimps and their highlight was finding the mother and baby chimp. What a highlight.

We later had dinner and I retired to my room after reading a few pages from Jim Collins ” Good to Great” a book I am taking as part of the Harvest Institute leadership class.

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