Day 13 of 25 Days Exploring the Pearl of Africa – Uganda

After 3 nights in Semliki wildlife reserve i looked forward to leaving and getting back into civilization. I hated the fact that the phone network was so difficult which made communication frustrating. This was my first time in this area but I must say that Semliki safari lodge killed my experience, I will not be returning in the nearby future.

Anyways we set off much later because we were leaving for Kibale national park which is only 2,5 hours drive without stopping, the roads are now all gravel except from the reserve to Karugutu which joins the main Fort portal – Budibugyo road. At exactly 8.30 am we set off and did not have much time birding en route like we had planned because of the morning rain which kept on until we were almost in Fort portal. We stopped for a coffee at Gardens restaurant and visited the Mpanga market. From the market the buffet at Gardens restaurant was ready with several local foods which the clients enjoyed.

We later set off for Kibale forest national park after the wonderful meal. We had 4 main stops which were not for long; first stop was to purchase bananas along the roadside fruit stall, next was photographing the tea plantations, had a field day photographing the baboons by the roadside as they groomed each other and lastly was trying to find some birds along the road in the park by a bridge.

Before long we arrived at Primate Lodge inside Kibale national park for our overnight. We will be staying 4 nights in total but i will leave after the second night to Fort portal. This place has lots of red tailed monkeys and black 7 white  Colobus monkeys jumping all the trees which makes sitting out interesting. You will also find beautiful birds and butterflies for watching and photographing.

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