Day 7 of 25 Days Exploring the Pearl of Africa – Ruhija Sector, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Today was spent in Mubwindi swamp deep in Bwindi impenetrable national park – Ruhija sector. I was really torn between taking on this hike through the forest as we continue our birding tour because I was aware of how steep the hiking to this swamp is. The Mubwindi swamp also gives a name to the entire park and has an interesting folktale about how the swamp got its name. Eventually the urge to go superseded the need to stay in bed but the main motivation was the fact the lodge we were staying at did not have power throughout the day so there was no way I could stay behind at the lodge and work.

IMG_1674The site bird guide asked us to leave very early in the morning for the Mubwindi swamp so that we arrive before the other birding groups who we had seen the previous evening birding. We left early morning and entered the forest before any other group. We had an amazing time sight several bird species but the high light of them was the African Green broad bill which is currently known as the Grauer’s broad bill. This bird is an Albertine rift endemic and is only found in Bwindi impenetrable forest, Ruhija sector near the Mubwindi swamp.

We chose to take the steep route down hill to the Mubwindi swamp because it was shorter hence leading us to the prized bird in this area faster. I am thankful that I chose to go because the experience in the forest is like no other other, being surrounded by pure nature and enjoying the fresh air. We then hiked up from the Mubwindi swamp arriving at the starting point a few minutes after 4 pm where we left for the lodge immediately for the much needed rest.

After this rest we left for an evening birding in search of the handsome francoline and Rwenzori night jar. We instead found a large family of L’hoest monkeys having their evening feeding but no Mr. Handsome. We were also lucky to see the Rwenzori night jars on the way back to the lodge – we therefore called this a worthy day which was extremely fruitful.

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