We will never settle for less

“Settle for Less” is the title of the song that tagged at my heart during this years Fearless summit at Mavuno Church in Nairobi. It was the first time I was hearing it and it got my attention throughout the morning worship. Other songs were sang which I do not recall but this kept playing on in my heart throughout the entire day and more than a month later it is still playing.

I have asked myself over and over again what it looks like for me to ‘settle for less’? I have gone back and forth on what that looks like in my everyday life and it always comes down to ‘ I settle for less when I do not know Gods promises as shared in the scriptures for my life and therefore I live life outside of the promises which consequently affects my life purpose going forward.  Or maybe I know some of the promises but do not trust him to fulfill them or out of past pain I choose to go it alone than look to Him.’

Settling for less comes from not fully understanding what God says about me in the scriptures and therefore allowing circumstances and the environment to dictate my life. This is in relation to every sphere of my life as shared in the 5 Capitals of life by Mike Breen & Ben Sternke i.e. spiritual, relationships, finances, intellectual and physical. If I do not know what God has promised and availed to me in each of these areas I will definitely settle for less but thank God for His word where He avails all the information for me to live the abundant life he promises in John 10:10. My work is eased because all I need to do is search the scriptures and hold him up to fulfill them after all this is His area of specialty – He is Faithful.

What about you, what has been tagging on your heart recently? What conversations are you having with God and what are you working on in light of these conversations? What promises of God have you seen in the scriptures and are looking to take Him on till you see them fulfilled in your life? Which areas of life are you ‘settling for less’?, would you consider surrendering these to God and allow Him give you the fullness of life.

I will never settle for less because I know there’s more that’s found in You Lord!

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