Stories of change: Mother gives birth in Mabira forest – Part 2

Part 2 of my friends’ story
Recently, my wife and I traveled with a Ministry team to Jinja. We visited the Muslim family of a couple that we picked from Mabira last year September (Does this story ring a bell?)
Yes, the couple we picked having given birth along the road in Mabira forest. I last communicated when the couple visited us with the baby last year and how the community made a request for us to visit them. The parents and community implored us to name the baby and we gave him the name – Moses. 
We left on April 20th 2017 to visit our new friends in a place we have not been before.  to us. We traveled, branched off a few miles to Jinja town into the jungle on a 17 km rough road heading to a remote fish landing site. The distance seemed so long because of the bad road!
With several phone calls to our hosts for direction, (occasionally getting lost), our host eventually met us on the way. We passed areas known as Benghazi and Kandaha (Please this is not in Libya, but this community is predominantly Muslim and maybe it explains why they adopted these names), then to Nakagga our final destination, the road was very steep and rugged.
We eventually reached our destination and found the family waiting for us with excitement, they welcomed us with lots of hugs. Evidently the over 20 people receiving us were all Muslims, with occasional Islamic greetings. They were curious to meet us and share their joy and thankfulness for God using us save their son and wife.
We had coached ourselves as a team not to use any of our Christian jargons.  They prayed, ululated, praised and did everything in Islam. We felt the joy of the Lord, praying that the Grace and love of Jesus would be evident in and through us the whole time we were there. And true, they experienced Jesus as we heard one –by- one testify and we were greatly touched. “This is love, thank you”, the grandparents said. “You have greatly honored us, enduring our bad roads to come to us shows love”.
We never quoted any Scripture or even prayed but every moment with them, freely interacting and sharing life was so God honoring and glorifying. No mention of Jesus but fully expressed during the whole time we were there. ‘’Oh, God is good me seeing this day!’’ another said.
Pray God helps us build authentic relationships with the couple and the community through other visits as we trust God to guide us on how to proceed. 

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