Stories of change – Mother gives birth in Mabira forest

Below is a story of change from my friend Barham. This resonates with my heart on so many levels. That what God has called us to is the gospel in action as we go along. Lets not waste the opportunities.
Recently what looked like one of our usual mission trips where you have already figured out what to do, this one was unique. I confirmed you can never predict what God is up to. The day was Monday 19th September 2016 when we set off for a conference with the Pentecostal Pastors in Mbale. There was a heavy down pour that day all the way to Jinja.
Reaching the middle of Mabira Forest, at a distance we saw a car stop and as we approached, it sped off. On the roadside were two people, a woman seated and a man standing near his bodaboda.
He tried to stop us, but we were suspect they could be thieves and so we drove a little further. However, we were convicted to stop and reverse kind of risking our lives. The man came near our car and immediately told us his wife had just given birth on the road side and needed urgent help to take her to Hospital. The temptation was so great to give excuses (imagine with me please), but we don’t know how we were all moved to compassion and swung into action.
We prepared a seat for her: shivering and holding her baby wrapped in her husband’s jacket, the only cloth available with them and blood stained. At that time, our lives and comfort didn’t seem to matter. Blood all over hands; we lifted her with the baby into the car. To create space for her, one of us had to jump on a bodaboda with her husband and in heavy rain. We then sped off to a nearby health center we didn’t know where.
We finally found one, with two elderly nurses who were very helpful. They needed to lift the baby first but then discovered he was still attached to the mother! Now here I got a bit scared. The nurses looked for gloves only to get a pair but of the same hand. We were getting worried.
We just wanted to lift the woman and the baby inside for the much needed help but the nurses restrained us saying we don’t have gloves. They never knew we had been lifting her bare handed. That’s when it downed on us that actually we had all along been exposed to blood!!
They went back and forth until they got some but again there was no razor to cut the Umbilical cord and other gadgets to stop the bleeding after. One of us run down to the trading center and brought a razor. This Muslim couple was on a journey from somewhere and had no clothes with them, so they were not prepared in any way. That meant that we had to buy essentials both for the mother and baby.
This trip to Mbale was by faith and so our resources were very limited. Immediately the story of the Good Samaritan hit us (Luke 10:25-37). Verse 35 says the Good Samaritan paid for all the bills and verse 37 tells us to do likewise. So we obeyed and paid the bills, money for bed sheets, mother’s and baby’s clothes, prayed with them and exchanged our Telephone numbers for future follow up and since then we have been in touch.
From there, we went for our other mission but the Lord had taught us great truth: His Compassion, Servant hood, Humility, Love and Generosity. It’s very easy to have a great seminar on all these topics but the application of any one of them can be very hard.
We were challenged to have a functional first aid tool kit in the car for any eventuality.
We experienced the Gospel first hand and to this we are thankful to Jesus and pray the Lord continues open our eyes to many of such opportunities and to move us into action.
The parents have since dedicated the Baby to us. ‘’This is your baby and we want to bring him to you, give us an appointment”, the parents have repeatedly told us. “Our parents and relatives want to meet you, when are coming to see them”? They inquire.
Give thanks to God for using us boys as inexperienced Midwives (???) to rescue the situation.
Please pray that this experience will translate into their hearts the Love of Jesus and thereby embrace Him as their savior.

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