Thank you to the production and Guest experience teams at Worship Harvest Kati Kati

downloadOn Sunday I had a trip starting early morning and I needed to pick the client and send him off for his trip. I woke up as early as 4.30 am to finish up some work and called the tour guide at about 5.30 am to consider picking me before 6 am so that we can make it to the hotel by 6.30 am. I normally find my way to the meeting point before the trips but other issues led to my inability to travel there. Anyways thankfully we make it in time for the trip and even have to wait for the client to arrive in the hotel lobby. So I sat in there pressing several buttons on my phone until he arrived. We exchange pleasantries and were ready to enter the car and start the trip.

I requested the driver to drop me at Kati Kati – one of the locations for Worship harvest Sunday Service. I have been attending this church for a few years and I am always thankful for the cleanliness and orderliness of the place. I knew that a certain team of people comes in early every Sunday to set up and I truly appreciated them in my heart of hearts but I had never fully comprehended what they go through to set up every Sunday. Goodness, it is lots of work! I was at Kati Kati about 7.20 am and I found 2 members of the production team waiting for others to arrive. Meanwhile the rain was not relenting and so I imagined the hustle of people making it on time amidst the rain. Eventually the vehicle with sound system and children’s church items arrived after 8 am and ‘we’ had to set  in such a short time. When service was ready to start I smiled knowing that most of the people attending have no idea the energy and commitment that goes into setting every Sunday.

Thank you to the the production team and guest experience team at Worship Harvest Kati Kati that is committed to work behind the scenes to give us a pleasant Garage experience every Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Thank you to the production and Guest experience teams at Worship Harvest Kati Kati

  1. Winnie Malinga says:

    Thanks Miriam. I’m sharing this with my team. We’ll be picking a lot of leaves from Worship Harvest.


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