Keeping on amidst uncertainties

When I started Kagera Safaris one of my dreams was to provide excellent inbound travel services to Uganda for people who wanted to explore Uganda on both the usual tourist routes and those off the beaten tracks. I was motivated by my love for travel and the belief that God had gifted us with a beautiful country which I thought everyone should have an opportunity of visiting. I barely had any marketing budget but looked forward to spreading the word out there and hopefully start to receive people looking to visit the Pearl of Africa.

I learned about the travel expos that happen in Europe and America which are our main source markets and dreamed of attending them someday. This seemed such a far away possibility considering that I did not have a marketing budget. However I believe that it costs nothing to dream and plan, so I often found myself researching about the different expos and what I needed for me to attend them. Eventually I had the opportunity of being sponsored for my very first expo through the USADF after being part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders and like they say the rest is history. It took my business on a path of growth that could have taken it years to achieve.

This year I have been growing in engaging the scriptures and speaking life on a daily basis regarding the different promises God has given me concerning my life and His purposes. Previously if something did not work out I quickly dismissed it as maybe not being God’s will.  Today instead of lamenting about the things that are not working out the way I envisioned or not as fast as I think – I speak the Word which is life in the midst of such situations. When the people traffic at this year’s ITB Berlin was much less than expected I spoke Gods Word and He sent us more traffic the next day. These are things I would previously comment about and complain, now I declare the Word. We had a mishap of ground staff striking at the Tegel Airport which led to cancelled flights and late communications but I chose hope through it all. I was not given boarding passes which meant I was on waiting list, I chose to be calm and wait on God and He came through as always. There was bad weather which interfered with the plane landing in Entebbe, we spent about 30 minutes circling Lake Victoria with people screaming. In that moment I remembered Gods Word and spoke it and chose to relax amidst the storm.

As I grow older I am amazed at Gods love and commitment to mankind, He wants the best for us and never gives up on us. That I can confidently say like Paul – For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. That when my time is come and I have accomplished my purposes I will rest. But for now I will continue to use the opportunities my Father opens up for me. That I will continue to encourage others to move out and explore their gifting, looking to the author and finisher of our faith. That yes it can be scary but remember God is on your team. You will do it, He will send help along the way.

2 thoughts on “Keeping on amidst uncertainties

  1. Khana Kenneth Patrick says:

    Hi Miriam! Very inspiring post. I found it a reminder of the way I can approach the challenges in my business activities. God bless you as we disciple the business world.


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