Saying Yes to Leading

So this year I decided to challenge myself and stretch the boundaries of my work and the things I believe God has called me to and gifted me with. For many years I have known that I am leader in more ways than one but had my reservations to leading. One of the main hindering factors was the fact that I hate attention and being at the front. It’s true that you can lead without drawing too much attention to yourself but eventually the attention will come. I prefer to walk into a room and do whatever it is I need to do and leave without much notice except the one or two people I needed to interact with.

My close friends and family would always bring up the fact that I am a leader and God has given grace in this area. I have led them in some ways and mobilized them to take on tasks or causes close to my heart. After much thought I decided to grow this gifting instead of killing it further every year. My challenge is still that the introverted me prefers to disappear in the crowd and the more I respond to this challenge the more I realize that I need to be uncomfortable to grow in this area and use it to influence positively.

13423857_10153719561336395_608962128229805549_nI am a Mandela Washington fellow, a program under the Young African leaders Initiative (YALI) a President Barack Obama initiative to empower young leaders from Africa in areas of Business & Entrepreneurship, Civic engagement and Public management. Being part of this initiative reinforced what I knew and been hearing about myself – I am a leader. However I figured that I would still get a way and lead quietly. Then there was the opportunity to be on the East African Regional Advisory Board for YALI which I felt a strong nudge from God that this was the kind of platform I needed to grow my skills and start journey of leading more intentionally. With encouragement from a friend I purposed to apply but chickened out on last minute and did not apply. Secretly I was happy when the deadline passed, and I continued with my work. Later I received a message that the deadline was postponed and friend insisted that I apply. I clearly felt God say that the deadline was extended for me, I will spare you the details for now but eventually I did apply and post my ‘manifesto’ on the platform. Thankfully it convinced enough alumni who voted me.

This year, I officially accepted that God is calling me for something bigger than myself for which He has been preparing me for years through various trainings, networks and equipping opportunities. I say yes to the call. So when I had about the Harvest Institute – 1 year leadership program at my church I quickly signed up. The program is hectic considering the other things I am engaged in but I have decided that the time is now to start taking my leadership seriously because after all – Everything rises and falls on leadership according to John C. Maxwell. I know this will help me build a world class organization in Kagera Safaris even as I pursue my dreams of starting transformational education centers all over Africa, Asia, south America, North America and Eastern Europe.

This is the most hectic program I have been part of but I am willing to go all the way, after all growth is painful. We are required to grow our writing skills by writing a minimum of 2 blogs per month, read 2 books a month and write synopsis, publish a book before end of year, start a business/non profit or run for office, streamline the life purpose, join a team and serve on a church team etc. I already feel stretched but hey, this is what I signed up for. Yes to growth, will keep on and in time take others through these for their own growth.

Hurrah to leading in 2017 and beyond!

4 thoughts on “Saying Yes to Leading

  1. Phoebe N Hannie says:

    Eh… You’re tickling me mukazi… As an introvert I see me in many aspects of this blog .. And I’m talking to God about boldness in this area… Hmm lemme follow closely. Nice one


  2. miriamtravels says:

    Hi Phoebe…Its takes a lot of pushing especially for us introverts but hey, once you are convinced and are at peace with it then you start curving out your way. Buttttt, it will certainly feel uncomfortable


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