Tour to Barrick and Newmont mines

Time check is 3am, we are seated in the bus ready to travel 5 hours to Barrick, and Newmont mines from Reno – Nevada. Even I the enthusiastic traveler who loves all things travel was in no way enthusiastic with the ungodly time especially that I had a deadline before the trip. Thankful I was to able to send it through about mid night with no time to sleep but rather transition into the next activity – Travel to Barrick and Newmont mines.

The journey was not dramatic as everyone slept off after a short while and until our first stop, a drive in store to quickly buy a hot beverage and proceed. The road was through a deserted Nevada with scattered houses in only a few of the places. I was particularly thankful for the stopover to grab a hot beverage to catch up with the insane low temperatures of air conditioning in the bus. I failed to understand the obsession with low temperatures of air condition by Americans in offices forcing some to wear sweaters in the middle of summer.

We arrive at the mines and the experience is very different from what I expected. I thought I would find a buzz of activities all over the place but was surprised with how organized the place was. We crowned it off with a tour of the actual mine underground – wow! It’s a whole life down there on its own, I left with much respect for all those who work in the mines – far away from family and have to stay in tunnels for hours in a day without seeing the light of day.


The tour to the offices, learning best practices, and how the communities benefit was eye opening. Seeing that there was a proper plan on ensuring the environment was restored to as close as it was before the mining was exceptional.


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