A tour to Virginia City

Roadtrip to Virginia City
Road trip to Virginia City

Virginia City was a very nostalgic moment reminding me of the rolling hills of Kigezi in southwestern Uganda.  The winding roads were so much like this place.  Unlike in Kigezi region which is all green with a high population, this is mostly dry with scattered homes along the way.

We eventually arrived in Virginia city, do not be mislead by the reference to a city. This is just a really small town that was born mainly out of mining and lost most of its glory when the mining ended. It currently depends on tourism with efforts to keep it intact showing off its lost mining glory. What a joy it was when we finally arrived, learning more about the town. My highlight of the trip was seeing the resilience of the people in this small town. The mining ended but instead of crying and moving, some people decided that they would stay and find another source of income coming through tourism.


I highly recommend a trip to this place while in Reno, Nevada. It will give you great landscape views as you drive up there. More so will be learning about the rich history of this area and taking on tours of the train and others historical areas.


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