Soft ball Vs Baseball – WolfPark ladies and Reno Aces stadium

The closest I get to any kind of sport is the thought of my need to exercise and how engaging in sports would make for a good hobby.  In fact apart from walking (which is inevitable) sports is simply not in my DNA. I fancy jogging, aerobics but somehow I never get to practice them…the plans all end up in mind. Hopefully one day I will get a weekly routine workout…and we both know it’s a choice I have to make and follow through rather than wishful thinking. Just like everything else I engage it, it will take commitment and courage to keep at it. In addition I am not at all interested in watching and cheering the participants unless I am extremely bored.

You can imagine the thoughts when on the agenda we had time for a baseball which turned out to be a soft ball game. I was not necessarily enthusiastic but I thought it would make for a good dare on my part, get out there and learn something new and participate. I am glad I joined in as the wolf pack ladies team shared with us the basics of soft ball which I do not remember and we later had an opportunity to attend a live baseball game at the Reno Aces stadium. This helped me enjoy a bit of the game because I had a better understanding of it, otherwise I would have been ‘lost’ throughout the games.

Trying out – Softball, UNR
Entire team after the ‘training’

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