Pyramid Lake Indian reservation – NEVADA

I was excited to join the trip to a native American reserve called the pyramid lake reservation, home to the Paiute people which is estimated to be over 10,000 years. Until then all I knew of native Americans was the reference to ‘red Indians’. It was exciting to learn about these people not from the media but rather from the descendants. It was a pleasure visiting with and learning about this part of America. The stories were horrifying which I will not repeat here.

I loved the museum and realized that a lot of their traditions are similar to the African traditions – use of herbs, meals, belief in ancestral spirits, respect for elders etc. And similarities with effects of colonialism on Africa, a loss of culture and customs, imposed religious beliefs, change of food and general lifestyle. Of course culture evolves over time, however it’s sad when it’s forced and not natural. It was nice that amidst the change they had a museum to share the information with those who visit. What a beautiful place in the middle of a desert.

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