It is almost a year since I last posted a blog on this site. The reasons are numerous but they all ultimately come down to work, work and more work. There has been a lot of on goings since my last blog post – In June last year (2015) I spent six weeks at the Universtiy of Reno Nevada as part of the Mandela Washington fellowship of Young African Leaders. This is an initiative by President Obama to equip and expose young Africans in the areas of Business and entrepreneurship, Civic engagement and public management with US best practices and provide linkages for growth. This was a roller coaster of events, lectures, and above all networking. I lived and interacted with 24 other young African leaders from 16 other African countries and several American families and individuals. I will try to unpack some of the experiences even though this is 8 months ago (O, how time flies). I wrote about 2 articles while away, I am now interested in adding about 3 articles about my impressions of the places I visited and lessons learned from  while on the fellowship.

After the time on the fellowship, I returned to Kampala where I found lots of work on my desk demanding my attention. It was the first time I was being away from my work for such extended time with opposite time zones. On appositive note, it offered time to think about growth and the process of detaching myself from the business. It was as if the work was punishing me for being a way and demanding its ‘rightful’ attention from me. I quickly got absorbed in trying to put accomplish pending assignments and building new content for the website. It needed more time than I had predicated. After a long while,  I am beginning to have ‘breathing space’ a lot of the work is now in a good place and therefore I can take on more work. I need to more inspiration to catch up with my writing and eventually grow this skill.

In addition to the travel to the USA for the Mandela Washington fellowship, I have traveled in many places and so there is a lot of backtracking on the articles. The six weeks in the US lead me to several town in Nevada, California, and Washington DC. More travels have included Brazil, Kenya, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Tanzania, Rwanda and several locations in Uganda. There is so much content to catch up on the writing via my travels that my fingers are itching. My hope is that I will put together my experiences traveling in these destinations even if the blogs are short with only a few paragraphs.

I am challenging myself to get back into blogging and I invite you to take this journey with me as I share some my impressions, experiences, and lessons picked along the way over time. I will work towards having more frequent blog entries and appreciate your feedback.

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