The Beautiful Kisiizi Water Falls in Uganda

Kisiizi Water Falls in southwestern Uganda.
Kisiizi Water Falls in southwestern Uganda.

These beautiful Falls lie on Kyabamba River a few meters from Kisiizi Hospital in Rukungiri district which borders with Kabale – the Switzerland of Uganda. The falls are about 30metres high droping water into a gorge. Whoever chooses to visit these falls will be met by mist at least 100 meters away, welcoming you to falls that have a strong cultural attachment.

These falls are believed to have contributed to the good morals of the Bakiga girls – according to the older people living in this area. When a girl got pregnant out of wedlock, the father and brother would escort her to the top of these falls and release her to fall off down the cliff where she would meet her death. This they believed kept other girls from engaging in the same ensuring girls stay virgins before marriage.

Of course the woman in me asks – where were the men who made these women pregnant? Well, I guess that is a question that was never considered. It is alleged that what brought this practice to an end was an incidence where a lady brought to the cliff at the top of the falls after being pushed to fall over pulled her father and brother and they all fell to their death. This is what opened the eyes of the elders to see how terrible the practice was.

Activities in this area include; bird watching, forest walks and photography

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